Today is the Day!



Not everything sells!  Even when you give it three whole years!!!!  Christmas 2015 I was featured artist at SunRose Gallery and my theme was “Merry Christmas Rain or Shrine.”  I made many pieces….not as shrines neccessarily…but with the shape of a shrine.


This mixed media piece featured a packet of seeds.  They were SMILE seeds as the package states with magazine image faces beaming.  I used bottle caps to decorate the picture frame that I got at Goodwill + the frame stand that I found the same day.  (It was happy serendipity that they fit together!!)  The bottle caps explained the process:

Plant Smiles, Grow Laughter, Harvest Love.  Well nobody was buying it.  LOL.

Last week Kathy lovingly put it in a box of things she didn’t need anymore at Sunrose Gallery.  I decided to spiff up the frame and concentrate on a nice phrase (which are always a popular seller).



I repainted the bottom to get rid of the busy swirls and removed the seed packet element.  Behind the gold striped vellum was this cool red print scrapbook paper so it was easy to get my magazine fonts to put together “Today is the Day”.

The automatic verse that pops in my head is:

“This is the day that the Lord hath made, We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24.

If you have chosen to be a Christian.  If you believe that Jesus was the Son of God and he died on a cross for our sins, and rose from the grave remember this:  God lives inside of you.  You are not on your own through the struggles of life.  Isn’t it wonderful to know God is with us?

However since God is in us, we are not the only one to decide how to spend our day. He has a plan for every day and we need to remember that.  :  ) If God has a plan for every day how can we moan and groan about the day?  oops, I’m guilty!

Today is the Day….it might be something big, or this day might pass by seemingly mundane.  But you can be sure each day had a purpose because God doesn’t waste time!




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