A Real Beaver Tale

beaver with phone

I think it was last October when the silliness happened.  My husband and I were on our nightly walk in Seaside, Oregon when we came upon a local gallery owner who was up on a ladder washing the windows of the recently vacated shoe shop next door.  It was perplexing, what was Denise doing?

My curiousity was quickly satisfied as she breathlessly told me that she was hosting a pop up traveling art show of 180 Oregon artists who were using beavers as their inspiration.  One of her friends was unpacking some of the art and arranging sticks from a local beaver dam (the sticks had been removed because the dam had expanded to a local road and it was a driving hazard.)

Impulsively Denise stepped in the shop and removed some of the beaver sticks from the front window as she enthusiastically exclaimed, “Patty, would you make something with these beaver sticks?”  WOOHOO!  I was over the moon that I was invited to be in a traveling art show.  The show was going to make a tour of Oregon…talk about being in the place at the right time!

Before we finished our walk that night we got down on the beach to gather some seagull feathers so I could make a OOAK beaver stick wall hanging.  Denise had given me enough beaver sticks to make a couple of wall hangings and I got on Etsy and purchased a large silver beaver pendant  that I hoped would get here in a few days so I could make a second wall hanging that would be really special.

I used feathers, beads, sticks, and some interesting metal pieces to make the first wall hanging. I was in a hurry because the walls of the pop-up gallery were filling up fast and I hoped there would be enough room for my wall hanging!

I called Denise and told her the beaver stick wall hanging was finished and when would be a good time to bring it down?  She was befuddled.  “Patty we don’t need anymore artists for the pop-up gallery, I wanted you to make them for Sunrose Gallery.”  WHAT?

Sunrose Gallery is next door to the pop-up gallery, I was supposed to go into Sunrose and tell them….”Guess what, here is a Beaver Stick Wall Hanging for you to display because Denise said so.”  LOL

To my relief it wasn’t  wasted time making the wall hanging because Kathy, owner of Sunrose LOVED IT>  YAY.  She made a nice display right away even though the pop-up gallery wasn’t going to be open for a few days.

The plot thickens.  So Sunrose Gallery was now a participant celebrating beaver art thanks to Denise.  Denise popped into Sunrose and approved of the display…..now everyone was ready for the big opening in two days.

Something terrible happened, LOL… the wall hanging sold that afternoon!  Denise chided Kathy and me “It wouldn’t have sold if you didn’t have such a low price ($32.00) on it!”

So I made another wall hanging with the extra pieces of beaver sticks.  We upped the price on the new one to $38.00 and it sold the weekend after the pop-up gallery.  This beaver pendant didn’t arrive in time for me to make another wall hanging for the event and I had used all the beaver sticks.  So it has been sitting in a drawer.

beaver with phone

I have been wanting to make a birch tree collage and discovered beavers like birch trees so I put this mixed media collage together in celebration of beavers AND ….i am laughing when I say…. some closure to my beaver tale.




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