Inspired by Town & Country Earrings


inspired by

I went through a stack of magazines this weekend:  Town& Country,  Millieu, Flea Market Style, and Origin. I like looking through them for lots of reasons.  To check out trending colors, see what folks actually put on their walls, and sometimes find something it would be fun to copy cat.


inspired by mag

I found these fun earrings in Town & Country they are priced $1,600.00 and since I had some gold and turquoise balls just sitting in a drawer, I had fun putting together  my version.



I got a nice stack of magazine fonts to add to my collection.

The main trends were mirrors, portraits and typograhy for walls.  Abstract art is also a trend but that is out of my expertise.

I will keep making my 10 x 10 mixed media faces and mix in more typography.  I found more phrases to add to my collection:


It was worth the two hours flipping through all the magazines and now I have a new set of earrings to sell at Sunrose Gallery!

inspired by






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