Ready, Set, Vote



If this eagle looks familiar, you are remembering my upcycle this summer.  It didn’t sell so I removed the USA and replaced it with VOTE.  I wish Scrabble tiles came with explanation marks…LOL.

Is everyone registered?  If you are not, it’s probably not too late.  I found a Voter website that lets you look up your state with all the information about dates and where to register. (click on “Voter website”).

It is so important to vote, even if you feel your vote doesn’t count.  It does.  Your vote might be the deciding one.  My husband and I sit down and go over the voter’s pamplet and really pay attention to who and what we are voting for.

Some people mindlessly vote the ticket year after year.  It is a good idea to look at the platforms to see if you are on the right team, if who you are voting for is what you identify with.  I found a flyer that has both the Democrat and Republican 2016 platform…. have fun comparing them.




One last time…..VOTE!





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