I loved this saying from my little Good Thoughts art doll I took apart!  “Life’s a little like a tightrope act.  It’s all a matter of balance!”




The saying immediately made me think of my favorite clip art gal because her arms are held high. I had this little 4 x 6 canvas I found at a garage sale this summer so I covered it in some blue acrylic paint and printed out a clip art cloud…and gave it a shimmery silver lining with Ranger Stickles.

After I hot glued a silver cord tightrope I printed out a little roof scene for the bottom corner.  The last touch was printing out a shorter version of the “good thoughts” scroll.

Life seems like less of a tightrope since I retired from my day job and my children grew up and flew away.  Back then the balancing act was centered around time…there never seemed to be enough.  Now I find my days are most balanced if I start my day with the Lord.  I sit in my favorite chair and I meditate, thank, and make requests to the Lord. I have to bring into focus that “this is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Another habit that makes me feel balanced is eating breakfast or lunch in front of the computer where I read the Bible online at BibleHub.  I nurish my body with the food and nurish my soul at the same time!  YAY!  I haven’t read the Old Testament for years and have found it to be so special to actually rediscover the personality of God and what pleases Him.  I like reading the Bible online because I can do an instant “word study” to find exactly what a word means. Simply click on the verse and you can click on each individual word in the interlinear mode.  My goal isn’t to strictly read a certain amount of chapters daily…the goal is to learn something and decide how to apply it to my life.  Right now I am in 2Kings and I love reading every second of it.

As for my personal life, I have discovered marital balance is really understanding that my husband and I TOGETHER make a whole person.  Somewhere along the way it has dawned on me that the way I think isn’t always correct. (DID I SAY THAT??? LOL)  True balance in marriage is give and take.

Even my artistic endeavors need balance.  I have fallen in love with blogging, it is my passion to dream up new ideas everyday.  However blogging doesn’t create an income (so far) so I have to make room in my schedule to make my stained glass window valances for my Etsy shop. (Which is usually on the back burner nowadays.)


Sometimes we have to take stock of our life and make adjustments to get more balance.  We all have our tightrope….hope you have found your balance!


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