Ready, Set, Go…Have A Wonderful Day!

10 x 10 Mixed Media “Have a Wonderful Day”

I unwrapped one of the scrolls in my “Good Thoughts” Art Doll that I took apart and set this saying in the “keeper” pile.  “Get Ready, Get Set, Go….and have yourself a wonderful day.”


I thought it would be fun to make an artsy sunrise with broken jewelry simulating the sun.



I love 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvases and used some baby blue and turquoise paint for the sky leaving the half moon for the yellow, orange and melon.  I let it completely dry and then applied the warm tones in the half moon.  When they were completely dry I got a bit of turquoise paint on my fingers and made quick strokes into the yellow/orange to make sun rays.  It was an easy way to get some rays!

The sliver of sun is covered with broken jewelry pieces, with a gold brooch simulating a coronal flare.  LOL.  Of course No mixed media piece is finished without my signature Ranger Stickles swirls.

I went on a merry go round for the typography!  I actually tried two other methods: My magazine fonts which did not work.  And I printed out some pretty fonts,  they did not work either.  I had enough of these glitter letters to print out the typography but I didn’t have room for “YOURSELF”.  Oh well.


10 x 10 Mixed Media “Have a Wonderful Day”

I hate to be trite and always so positive because I know everyone has issues.  Some may be fighting physical problems or financial problems or be in the middle of a bad relationship.  I have had many dark days and held on like a cat clutching a tree limb waiting to be rescued at various times in my life.

However, looking back, I savor the result of going through my troubles.  The heartache wasn’t pleasant to go through but I like the changes it made in me.  If you are going through hard times, HOLD ON!  Each day is wonderful.

Each day might not be perfect, and it is possible you might be experiencing some of the worst days of your life right this minute.  Just remember God is good all the time and there is a wonderful reason for this wonderful day. The earth is still spinning in space.  Even if the clouds are overhead the sun is shining above.  You are breathing in and out and your heart is beating.

10 x 10 Mixed Media “Have a Wonderful Day”

 Being alive is so good….get ready, get set, go have yourself a wonderful day.

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