Egg Carton Pearl Nest Ornament

Rhinestone and Pearl Nest Ornament

My husband saves the Costco Egg cartons for me.  I usually tell him I don’t need it, but this time I did!  Believe it or not the base of this darling little ornament is a cup from the egg carton.  Since I always purchase old pearl necklaces when I run across them at a garage sale I had this pretty beige-y necklace that was the perfect size.

It’s never too early to start making stuff for Christmas, especially if you are going to be in a bazaar this year or plan to give homemade gifts.



Cut one of the cups out of the egg carton.  Mine was clear plastic, but a cardboard egg cup would work just as well.


Cut some slits in one side to “snag” the necklace to start.  Then use an awl to poke two holes in either side for the hanger.



Before you glue any of the necklace to the egg cup, practice how you want the necklace to wrap.  After you like the result of your practice, start adding dabs of hot glue holding each section until the glue has cooled.


Rhinestone and Pearl Nest Ornament

Next, fill the next with some moss.  I would have used Reindeer moss, but my drawer didn’t have any!  So I used some dainty tan moss.  Decorate the nest with broken rhinestone jewelry and fill with some large pearls.  Last, put a wire through each hole in the side for a hanger.


You know me, I like to give folks suggestions!  Wouldn’t this be a hit if it is presented in a little gift box for an ornament exchange?  Or a lovely gift for someone who loves shabby chic?  AND, it would be an easy ornament to make if you are doing a Christmas bazaar this year. Just saying!  LOL

I made a Nest Ornament Kit!

nest for whimziville


This little Nest Ornament Kit is for sale in my Etsy Shop for $12.00.  Click on the photo and it will take you to my Etsy Shop.  The kit contains an egg cup, pearl necklace, moss, a piece of rhinestone necklace, some vintage earring pearls and a pearl theme bridal ornament and complete illustrated instructions.

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