“Stay Pawsitive” Free Transfer for Bags or Pillows

Easy Gift for a Dog Lover

I like to make items that make easy gifts or bazaar items.  For many years I was in a Christmas bazaar and that is how I earned all my Christmas money.  I would start making things September 1st and tried to make one hundred dollars worth of inventory every day.  If my item was selling for $25.00, I only had to make four of them, if the price was going to be $10.00, then I made ten of them.  It made it easy to have a nice inventory for the bazaar.


This is the iron on transfer paper that I purchased for this project.

I got a stack of these canvas bags from JoAnn’s Fabric and Craft Store for $1.39 each and the iron on transfer paper ended up being $1.19 each.  So the cost of this bag is $2.58 and would easily sell for $15.00 at a Christmas bazaar.

This transfer would look great on a pillow too, and you can purchase blank pillow covers and tuck in a pillow form which makes it a nice gift for birthday or Christmas.


I often use Google to find free clip art and found this image of the heart shaped paws which are cute as is, but I wanted my iron on transfer to have a bit of a punch so I added the cute font with my photo software.




I found the font on 1001Fonts.com you could spend days going through all the fonts!

click and print:

stay pawsitive pdf for blog

The iron on directions are easy to follow!  Just read them before you start.

Step one:  Click and print the image on to the iron on transfer material.  If you are applying the image to some dark fabric, select the paper with two lines going down the back of the iron on.

If you are applying the image to a light background, you have to horizontally flip the image so the words will come out correctly.  Flip it with your photo software so it looks like this:

stay pawsitive pdf for blog

Step two:  Cut the excess iron-on transfer paper away from your image and center the image on the fabric.

Step three: follow the directions to use the iron and and paper removal.  The instructions are different for dark and light fabrics.

Step four:  get ready to pat yourself on the back how good your project looks and be amazed how easy it was.  Now you will be addicted.  teehee.

What can you transform with an iron on transfer?  T-shirts, book bags, pillows, kitchen towels, jackets, backpacks….if it is fabric you can transform it!

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