Visiting Fribourg, Switzerland Just for Fun!

do something just for fun 1
10 x 10 Mixed Media “Do Something Just For Fun”

I found the phrase “Plan to do something today just for the fun of it” in that little bottle of good thoughts and decided it would be the perfect way to showcase some gift wrap paper I have had sitting around about a year!


caroline gardner gift wrap


I found the gift wrap paper in a cute little shop in Manzanita, Oregon and purchased it because it’s so colorful and whimsical.  I cut out one of the bicycles and decorated the basket with some ribbon roses.

The 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas needed a cool background and what better to use than a section of a map of Europe that I got at a garage sale recently.  So I covered the canvas with ModPodge to secure the map and used magazine font letters to say the shortened version of the phrase:  “Do Something Just for Fun”.

A few minutes ago I decided to take my own advice and “Do something just for fun.” So I giggled as I Googled one of the cities right under the “D”  that I kept noticing: Fribourg, Switzerland.  I simply Googled “Fun in Fribourg” and the first thing that came on the screen “Cycling in Fribourg Switzerland.”

What a beautiful picturesque place!  So here is a little bicycle fun for you courtesy of the fabulous internet.  If you click on “Cycling in Fribourg Switzerland” you can take the complete tour.




That was fun, so I guess I followed my advice today!  LOL

do something just for fun 1
10 x 10 Mixed Media “Do Something Just For Fun”

A little collage with a theme like bicycles makes a nice gift for Christmas or birthday.


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