The Joy is in the Journey



“Cowgirl Diva” 10 x 10 Mixed Media Assemblage

Sometimes a piece comes together lickety split, however, this mixed media assemblage has been on a long and winding road!  When I get inspiration, sometimes I get carried away making something over the top whimsical then I get a jolt of reality and I think “who in the world is going to buy this???”

A few months ago I decided to make statement necklace assemblages.  I made the first one with many layers of pearl necklaces.

necklace feature brightened

I was so happy how it turned out I laid out two more designs and was ready to go!



The idea for this assemblage came from the gift wrap someone gave me.  Everytime I looked at the paper the title “She should have been a cowgirl” popped in my mind. The story I saw in the gift wrap paper was a gal surrounded by big city drama and she longed for a simple country life represented by the boots, hat and horse charms.


This gold tone assemblage with the calligraphy nibs hinted of the title “Secret Writer”.

A few hours after I finished the pearl assemblage I was filled with doubt, “who is going to buy this?”  I had a little relief from my doubt when Cathy at Sunrose Gallery was happy to put it up in her gallery.

However, my doubts overruled my inspiration so I put all the supplies for “She should have been a Cowgirl” and “Secret Writer” necklaces in baggies and set them aside.

first necklace assemblage

A few weeks after they hung the assemblage, I got a text message from Sunrose Gallery with this photo! The necklace piece sold to this nice gal who fell in love with it.  YAY!

My doubts melted and I went back to making the “She should have been a cowgirl” piece. Drat it!  More doubts!  Was the gift wrap paper a little too dramatic? I hated for the piece not to sell because the paper was too much.  So I went for a more conservative top with glittered blue and brown scrapbook paper and the title “Cowgirl Diva” seemed more appropriate.  WHEW!  This mixed media assemblage seemed like three steps forward and two steps back the whole way….but there was joy in the journey.

“Cowgirl Diva” 10 x 10 Mixed Media

Hopefully a Cowgirl Diva will fall in love with it!




  1. In case you want to make assembledge necklaces that are wearable B’Sue Boutiques has some really good videos on you tube.
    Congrats on the sale!

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