Candy Corn-ucopia

candy corn earrings

These  candy corn glass beads have been sitting around forever!  I used some of them in my Candy Corn Queen crown but still have a pile left.


Supplies:  2 silver seed beads, 2 candy corn shaped beads, 2 rhinestone rondelle beads, 2 round orange beads, 2 antique silver rondelle spacer beads, 2 two inch silver head pins, 2 silver fish hook earring findings.

Step ONE: Assemble each earring with silver seed bead, candy corn bead, rhinestone rondelle, orange bead and finish with the silver rondelle spacer bead at the top.

Step TWO: After assembling the beads, bend the wire and snip so less than 1/2″ is left to bend into a loop.

Step THREE: Bend the wire into a loop but before you close it with needlenose pliers, hook on the fish hook earring finding.

I have never been fond of candy corn, if it was sitting around in a bowl, it wouldn’t tempt me.  But it is so cute and whimsical and I did a Pinterest search and found all kinds of fun and kooky candy corn ideas:

candy corn cookies

Now these are tempting!


candy corn marzipan corn on the cob

Marzipan is the center to hold this together!  So cute!


candy corn pretzel cookies

Pretzel bites with marshmallow…I might try that!


candy corn pumpkin

That’s a lot of work but would be the star of the party!

candy corn vase

Easy and fun!


candy corn wreath

I think if you sprayed with varnish, it would last for a few years



Now Here is candy corn I would eat!  Cheesecake….yum


What a cool idea, I wish I would have thought of it!

candy corn earrings

Well there you have it….a varitable candy corn-ucopia of ideas!  And I am glad to add my glammed up earrings to the fabulous collection.


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