Gift Idea for the Fiber Artist

10 x 10 Mixed Media “Fabric and Threads”

What do you do when you finally get a new pair of scissors?  If you are me: repurpose the old ones!”  You know how I nag about making home made gifts, decorating some old scissors and putting them in a frame is the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for the sewer or fiber artist in your life.  What a special gift for her sewing room or studio.

I found this phrase, “She looked at the fabric and listened to the threads” and thought it would be the perfect theme for this 10 x 10 mixed media piece.  After the scissors were glittered and painted, I cut some pretty paper to simulate fabric and got the coolest font at 1001 FONTS.  The font appears to be embroidered words that are perfect to bring the theme home.

I couldn’t leave the collage alone without adding a glammed up tassel to balance the piece.

In the 1970’s and 80’s I was hooked on sewing.  I made much of my wardrobe and after my daughter was born I always had fabric to sew up for her.  The best thing I ever made was a Daisy Kingdom dress that had 14 yards of lace on the never ending ruffles.

fabric Gena

Eventually I lost my love for sewing and switched to mixed media art. But I have a little secret I’d like to tell.  I have spent untold hours at my old Kenmore sewing machine and if you were observing me sometimes you would hear me say “wow, thanks Lord!” to nobody you could see.  I am serious.  Every once in a while my sewing machine would jam for no good reason.  At first I would make exasperated noises as I pulled the fabric from the machine, threads all over the place.  But I started to notice the machine had only jammed when I had caught the sleeve in the seam or some mistake that would involve the thread ripper.  Was it the Holy Spirit or my angel?  I don’t know but it happened many, many times.  “Thanks, Lord”!  Just remembering that makes me smile.


10 x 10 Mixed Media “Fabric and Threads”

Hope this mixed media inspires an idea you can use to repurpose something that usually gets tossed in the trash!


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