Crochet and Nail Polish Earrings

pinkie feature

It is so fun to use unexpected craft materials and I love the challenge to see if the idea that pops in my head will work.  I ran across an old doily when I cleaned out a drawer.



I cut some of the doily off and soaked it with ModPodge on a silicone baking sheet.  After it was completely dry the sections were very stiff and easy to cut with some sharp scissors.

pinkie before paint

My idea was to pair the doily with some classy pearl beads, however the pearl colors didn’t match!  Plan B was to color the doily pieces with three colors of fingernail polish inspired by the pink pearl beads.


pinkie paint


I already had the cute pink pearl theme beads so I used three colors of pastel pink fingernail polish and with two jump rings and earring findings they turned into a sassy set of earrings!

pinkie feature

Step One:  Use Mod Podge to stiffen the crochet material

Step Two:  After the crochet pieces are stiff and dry, cut into sections

Step Three:  Use and awl or needle to make a hole for a jump ring

Step Four: Fill an eye pin with two rondelle spacers and a pretty bead

Step Five:  Attach the eye pin to the jump ring on the crochet piece and the fish hook finding.

Have fun finding an old doily and make some cute earrings!


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