Gifts from Treasured Photos

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Anna Shares with Luna

Anna (a four year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel)  did something so cute my daughter had to snap a photo and send it to me. Anyone who gets a new puppy knows how the status quo gets upset as a darling new puppy gets some attention that used to go to someone else!  But big sister Anna has taken Luna’s addition to the family so well that when she picked up her dog treat she left the majority of it hanging out of her mouth to share. AWWW Anna you are so sweet!

Since Christmas is coming I thought it would be fun to remind you how easy it is to take a treasured moment and turn it into a heart felt gift.


This is the iron on transfer material I used for this easy gift.

Step one:  Start with your image in photo software.  If you are adding text like I do, you will have to flip the image horizontally so it will come out correctly.


Since my bag was white, I used the iron on transfer sheets for light fabric.

Step two:  after printing out the image,  cut out the image close to the printing and center it on the fabric.

Step three:  place the parchment paper (that is included in the transfer paper kit) over your image and iron without steam. Light colored fabric images have to be removed when they are hot, so wait five seconds and remove the backing in one swift movement.

Wa LAH!  You are finished!  Isn’t this bag so cute and Anna will forever be a heroine!

Nowadays folks take so many photos that are left in the smart phone gallery or in the “My Pictures” file on the computer.  This is an easy craft to get some of those favorite photos out of the phone or computer to enjoy every day or make a thoughtful gift.

share feature lightened
Anna Shares with Luna


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