“Queen Bee” Mixed Media

10 x 10 “Queen Bee” Mixed Media

I made another “Queen Bee” mixed media.  Why?  Because they sell!  Most of my things sell for gifts at Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside, Oregon.  I have met a lot of gals who consider the title “Queen Bee” to describe themselves… or their friends have called them the “Queen Bee.”

I guess it is a fun way to let everyone know who is the leader of the pack, lol.  Some gals have so much energy and have a way of accomplishing so much plus the ability to inspire others to so the same.  I would definitely call them Queen Bee’s.

Most likely this piece will be purchased by a sister or friend to be presented for a birthday gift.  It was fast and easy to make.  At Sunrose Gallery we have stuck to a price of $42.00 for all my 10 x 10 canvases.  At that price I need to make something that takes less than two hours to feel I am getting paid for my work.


10 x 10 “Queen Bee” Mixed Media

The face is from a coffee table book of vintage faces and I liked that the face is at an angle.  I cut window screen in the crown shape and glittered it.  After it was glued down, the edges were finished with gold trim.  The crown was decorated a broken black rhinestone necklace and silver charm that had a ArtEmboss “Queen Bee” label.  I glittered some rubber toy bees and added them to the tops of the crown spires. Lastly, no project is complete without some Ranger brand Stickles swirls!

My little queen will find her home soon at Sunrose Gallery.  Sometimes owner Cathy will send me a quick text and photo of the person who purchased the piece…it is fun to put a face to the sale of one of my pictures.

Greetings to all the Queen Bee’s Today!

10 x 10 “Queen Bee” Mixed Media

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