Repurposed Coasters Gift for Coffee Lovers

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Easy Repurposed Coasters

I find next to new coasters at Goodwill all the time.  Coasters are handy to have and since they are inexpensive folks toss them and get new ones.  Why?  I imagine they redecorate or find ones they like better.  When I repurpose coasters and sell them at local shops I put a tag on them that shows a photo of each coaster and note that the coasters are repurposed.

I make my repurposed coasters with themes like, coffee, inspirational, and mermaids because those themes will sell.  I find images on Etsy like these darling coffee gals (from Lisasalteredart)  and resize them slightly larger than the coaster in my photo software.


coasters feature


Step One:  Clean the surfaces of the coaster and measure it’s diameter.




Step Two:  Resize the image in your computer software ( be sure to add about 1/8th extra to the diameter)  and print out. This will give you a nice sharp edge when you are finished after you trim the excess with scissors.

Step Three:  Cut out the image and coat the coaster with Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge.  Apply the image and rub so there are no air bubbles.  Set aside to completely dry.

Step Four:  Trim the excess paper with sharp scissors and put a coat  of Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge to seal the image.

I bet most of the folks reading this blog don’t see themselves using this idea for repurposing coasters! Ha, I gotcha!

However to the folks who write I can suggest they print out their poetry in pretty font and make a poem themed coaster set.  Or if you are stuck what to get your sister-in-law for Christmas, print out each of their family member’s name in colorful font.

After I finish an idea, I like to check out the internet to see what other inspiring ideas I can find:

coffee funky junk interiors
Stenciled Wood Block Coasters from Funky Junk Interiors
Leather Coasters at
p.graham dunn
P. Graham Dunn….AMEN!
Scrabble Coasters on Pinterest

There you go…an easy craft that makes an inexpensive gift!






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