Story Book Earrings



More fun earrings!  If you make earrings, maybe this will inspire you. Go ahead and copy them if you want.  Earrings are really easy to make, so rather than bore my readers with step by step instructions I thought I would make up a fun tale so the earrings would have a little story.


A Little Bag of Seed Beads

Diane and Bella pulled their cars into the driveway exactly the same time.  Diane had been out hunting for bargains at garage sales and 23 year old Bella was returning from an early morning of volunteering at the local Meals on Wheels.

Diane was happy to have Bella home for the summer but she would be off to college in Texas soon to finish her degree.   “I need a nap!” Bella yawned.  “What time are we going to meet Grandma for lunch?”

“Go ahead and take a nap, we’ll leave in about an hour” Diane replied as she was digging in the trunk to get her garage sale treasures.  Bella reached out to help with some of the cumbersome packages. “Wow, you got a haul,” Bella exclaimed.

“I know, all this for $17.00!” Diane was giddy with delight.  With Bella off to bed for a nap Diane spread her finds on the antique round oak kitchen table to sort.  The phone rang and caller ID showed Candace Elaine, her old college friend who lived in Colorado.

Bella instantly fell asleep when her head hit the pillow and soon she was transported in a dream to a wonderful outdoor market with vivid sights and sounds and the musky smell of cinnamon.  The vendors looked exactly like the jolly volunteers she’d spent her morning with at Meals on Wheels!  She strolled by the colorful tents and heard her name being called by a vendor just down the alley.  “Bella, I have something for you.  Bella, come here, I have something for you,” she heard a silver haired lady that she had worked with all morning long.  Bella strained to remember her name, “Francis?  No Francine!”

Francine’s face lit up when she handed Bella a little sandwich bag of seed beads and earring findings.  “Take these and make some earrings.” she said as she stretched out her hand.  “The young man who is meant for you will notice them….so he will notice you!”  Bella reached out to receive the gift and  promised to make the beads into earrings.  Then she woke up.

Bella wandered into the kitchen as her mother ended the conversation with her old friend.  “Oh dear, I have been on the phone the whole time.  I need to get this mess cleaned up before we leave,” Diane exclaimed.

Bella went through the drawer of Krups cups and chose a Dark Mocha to insert into the machine.  Soon the scent of coffee filled the kitchen.  “Mmmm that smells good, make me one too,” Diane said with a grin.  “Oh, I got something free today that you might like.  This lady asked if I made earrings and I told her “I don’t, but my daughter does.”  She pulled a sandwich bag out of the pile and the contents looked exactly as she dreamed!


Aww, earrings fit for a storybook romance!  LOL


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