Thread Spool Christmas Trees

thread spool feature 2
Upcycled Thread Spool Christmas Trees

I always buy little baggies of thread at garage sales if the price is cheap.  It takes a few years to get enough thread spools to make a tree, but it is fun to make a whimsical creation like this.

When I made my first thread spool trees several years ago, I thought only fibre artists and sewers would want one, but folks just wanted one because they were unusual and whimsical.

The thread spool trees go together really fast with a short supply list:  thread spools of different sizes, cardboard or aluminum sheeting, puffy stickers, a candlestick, E6000 and hot glue.


I am giving the instructions for the small tree, but the same instructions apply for the larger tree.  I like to use aluminum sheeting and cut circles from that.  Stiff cardboard would work just as well.

Step One:  Cut circles in 3.5″, 3″, 2.5″, and 2.25″.


Step Two: Use glue or ModPodge to cover the circles with fine glitter.  I used silver glitter for the small tree, but used green glitter for the large tree. Wait until the glitter is completely dry before starting to glue the thread spools


Step Three: Hot glue each thread spool. The bottom layer needs small 7 spools.  After they are all glued down, put a good bead of E6000 on the center of all the spools.  The E6000 will make the tree very sturdy later after it dries.  Place the next circle on top of the E6000 and lift it slightly to place a little bead of hot glue where I have indicated in the photo.  That will hold the tree securely while the E6000 is drying so you can make all the layers.

Step Four: repeat the instructions for each layer.  The second layer needs 5 spools and the third layer needs 4 spools with a large spool on top.

Step Five: Set aside for the E6000 to fully set.  Then it is ready to center on a candlestick with more E6000 to secure it.

thread spool feature 2
Upcycled Thread Spool Christmas Trees

Step Six:  Make glitter glue dots all over the thread spools.  I only work on one section and let it dry, then do another section so my hands don’t touch the wet glitter glue.  I prefer Ranger Stickles glitter glue.

thread spool big


I used the same process to assemble the larger tree but used  a lot of thread spools!  I had a bunch of whimsical puffy stickers that I applied with a dab of hot glue.

This is an easy Christmas craft and is something that the whole family would have fun putting together!

thread spool feature 2
Upcycled Thread Spool Christmas Trees

These will go in the window of Sunrose Gallery in Seaside, Oregon for my first Saturday featured artist show on December 1, 2018!







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