Canadian Maple Leaf Tartan Printable Paper Ornament


maple leaft ornament feature

Hello Canadians! I just started noticing how cool your Canadian Maple Leaf shape is and decided to make a few OOAK ornaments for the tree at Sunrose Gallery for the Decemeber Art Walk.

This paper ornament is a free printable, just click and print.  The ornament was stuffed with a two cotton balls to give it’s puffy shape, and it would make the coolest sachet if it was stuffed with some pine needle potpourri!

click and print:

maple leaft tartan pdf photo front
maple leaft tartan pdf photo back

Step One: Print out front and back on cardstock and cut out. (I just noticed my top leaf is a little funky.  OOPs make it a smooth rounded cut.)

Step Two: Starting at the bottom, place the top of a tassell and use hot glue to attach it and glue the bottom shut.

Step Three: Carefully apply a small amount of hot glue working in a small area.  After applying glue hold the area until the glue is completely set, then move to the next section, leaving the top until last.  After most of the ornament is glued, pull a cotton ball apart and use a pencil to distribute the cotton balls to make the ornament slightly puffy.

Step Four: Use a piece of cord to make a hanger and use a dab of hot glue to attach it, then securely glue the top leaf together.

I make my own tassells from fringe I purchase at JoAnn’s.  Pull out a strand and use hot glue to attach it to the fringe.  Roll the fringe to the size you like and use sharp scissors to cut off the tassell.


This makes an inexpensive tassell!

maple leaft ornament feature

I used one of the fringe cords for the hanger and for a finishing touch I made a glitter glue edge with Ranger Brand Stickles.

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