No Sew Fabric Sachets

sachet feature

Usually when you work with fabric, you have to drag out the sewing machine to sew it.  I like cheating!  Instead of thread seams I used hot glue and I like how these little sachets turned out.


These are my supplies.  The fabric is from a curtain swatch book I picked up for free on the sidewalk when I was on my daily walk!  When I decided to make sachets, I figured it was time to check out a local shop here in Seaside that sells bath salts to fill my sachets.


Seaside Salts has their doors open every day in the summer and I always sneeze when I pass by!  I was waiting to sneeze when I walked through the doors…but I didn’t.  LOL  I chose two yummy scents:  Green Tea and Citrus Mimosa.



I make my own tassells from fringe, it is very economical and easy.  Pull out a strand and use hot glue to attach it to the edge of the fringe.  Apply more hot glue to the top of the fringe and roll the edge over until the tassell is the thickness you like.  Use sharp scissors to cut where you want to stop.


Now you have a tassell!


Apply one of the strands to the top with hot glue and apply the tassell to the bottom. Then make a bead of hot glue to each edge, holding it together until the glue has cooled.


Use hot glue on three sides, then fill with the bath salts and seal the top closed.  Add decoration to the center.  Decor ideas are buttons, button earrings, or steampunk findings like I had in my drawer.


I like to attach a hanger so the sachets can scent the closet, but don’t think sachets just need to be in the closet.  You can hang them anywhere for a fresh subtle scent and a dressed up version like these would even look pretty hanging by your computer at the office.


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