Silly Pet Emojis Stocking Stuffers

e joe cool feature

I have had a barrell of giggles making this fun project that would make a fabulous stocking stuffer.  When I have a silly craft idea, usually my brain clicks in and it is easy to come up with inspiration.  However my imagination was stuck.

I found some cool  clip art emojis and emailed them to my family.  “Your assignment if you so choose to take it”  was to come up with creative names, and descriptions for folks to decide which emoji they want to adopt.

Soon my brother Gary’s  emails started pouring in much to my delight!

First was Joe Cool:

e joe cool feature

Who wouldn’t want to adopt Joe Cool?


e timelessness

Next was “The Very Image of Timelessness.  Really clever because the eternal happy face is timeless!  The hearing problem…because he has been around a long time!

e by jove

So silly, so funny!

e thinker feature

I love it!  It’s Hilarious!

e lolly feature

So Sweet!  I finally got the idea for Lolly!

My boxes only had room for a terse description...but I know you need a giggle for today and my brother Russ sent me descriptions that had me laughing out loud.

“Joe Cool”

Rays: Minimum of 1 hour of direct sunlight. Preferably at the beach.

If you live in a location that has less than 200 sunny days per year, you will either have to move to a sunnier location or transfer ownership to a relative or friend that does live in the proper location.

Minimum SPF sunscreen: 32

Drinks: Lemonade

Tunes: Beach Boys, obviously

Tropical vacation: Minimum 1 week per year.  If you can’t afford a vacation, then just stay home, but mail me to Hawai for a week.

“The Thinker”

I like to be read to. Minimum of one hour per day. Here are some suggested book subjects:

Quantum physics.   Any Masters level MIT mathematics text books.  How the Ming Dynasty culture relates to the hierarchy of Modern Feminism.  Structure of biological cell morphology.

Tunes: Bach, Mozart, Synthesizer music

Girls: Pictures of hot chicks would be nice, as actual female emojis don’t relate to me

Ego: I need one heated discussion on a complex topic that I must eventually win, per day.  The conversation MUST END with you saying YOU’RE RIGHT!

LOL!!!  It’s obvious I have some fabulous brothers…. with a huge comedy genius!!!


e set



If you like this emoji idea, it is easy to make a pet emoji!  They would be fun stocking stuffers!

Step One: Find free emoji clipart and print out.

Step Two: Paint a rock black and glue the emoji clip art to the front.

Step Three: Type up “interesting facts & instructions” and put them on the inside of the box lid.  Type “PET EMOJI” for the top of the box.  Feel free to copy my examples on each box lid.

I found the kraft paper boxes in the party section at Rite Aid they come as a diecut that you bend and fold together.  I went in the backyard and found a bunch of rocks and painted them with black acrylic paint.

For many years I have given all the folks at my credit union a little homemade craft at Christmas.  This year I will be giving them the Pet Emojis…it will be fun to see which ones they choose!  I also made some for my Etsy shop:  Whimziville where I have them listed for $20.00 + free shipping in USA.



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