Earrings in an Ornament


I thought it would be really fun to make some glammed up rhinestone earrings and present them as a gift that could be hung on the tree.  NOTE: The earrings have to be super skinny to fit through the top of the ornament.

The rhinestone earrings practically fly together if you purchase the rhinestone chain which comes with the findings to bend and attach the chain lickety split.  After the earrings were together, it was time to cut a 2″ piece of 20 gauge wire.

earrings in an orn wire bar for inside of ornament

Curl both ends into a circle until the wire is .5″ across.


Hold the ornament wires together and slip on the wire bar.  After it is attached, hook on the earring wires.  TA DAH! Now you can attach the ornament top back on the clear bulb.


This is a really easy craft to put together, and if you aren’t into making earrings, you could purchase earrings and fill your own clear ornament!  Just make sure they are slim enough to pass into the hole of the ornament.

I used some of my waterslide decal transfer sheet to make a To & From to apply to the clear plastic bulb.  It is such a cute way to give some glam earrings!

earring ornament finish





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