December Art Walk!


December Art Walk was festive and very Christmas-y!  I was featured artist and it was fun to meet all the folks and show them my new creations.  Since I make something new almost every day, I had a bunch of new things at the show.  I am guessing about 100 folks walked through our doors and lots of them stuck around to visit.

by door

My little “Welcome Santa” was so cute under the vintage Christmas tree!


Owner Cathy Tippen made a beautiful bowl of sparkling cider and Christmas cookies.  The chocolate cookies were called Christmas Crack and WOW, I helped myself to several pieces of THAT!


YUM, Christmas Crack is made with saltine crackers, caramel syrup and chocolate chips.  You wouldn’t believe the base was saltine crackers!!!


One of the wine bottle lamps sold, a young man purchased it for his sister.  SWEET!

junk jounrals

My Oregon Junk Journals looked so cute in the display along with my beachy piece.



The Silver Plate Tray Advent Calendar sold!!!  Cathy wants me to make another one this week.


The “Have A Wonderful Day” 10 x 10 piece also sold to a gal who was purchasing it for herself.  YAY!  We always give 20% off my art in December, I like giving the discount 10% on my end, 10% on the gallery end.


Doesn’t Sunrose look so inviting?  My Christmas Trees look so cute sitting in the window. One of my  little thread spool trees sold to the shop owner next door.

Altogether it was a really fun two hours.  I talked with lots of folks who were in the merriest of moods on a cold December night.




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