Sheet Music Christmas Tree

Folded Sheet Music Christmas Tree

This little tree is my most successful Christmas craft of all time.  I have been making and selling them for about 10 years.

I love these little trees!  I make three or four of them at a time in “mass production” so they just fly together.  The original instructions said to staple the cone ends together but I switched to a dab of hot glue and fold each end into a cone for a neater cone point.


You need a 12″ long 1/4″ diameter dowel and a tin can.  (Another option is a wood block that has a 1/4″ hole drilled for the dowel.)

If you want to use a tin can like I do, I usually support the dowel with a wooden bead with a hole large enough for the 1/4″ dowel. One bead on top and one inside the tin can. Since I am out of beads I wrapped a long strip of paper  around the dowel applying hot glue so it supports the dowel. Use a lot of hot glue to make the paper sturdy.


Cut 15 each : 3″x 4.75“,    2.75″ x 4.25″, &   2.5″ x 3.5″    pieces of sheet music.

Cut 8 pieces each  of 2.25″ x 3″ and 4 pieces of 2″ x 2″.

TIP: I cut 15 pieces of sheet music into the correct length and width and then round the corners to match my stencil.  Then I punch the hole in a stack of 5 so punching goes faster.


Next put a dab of hot glue on one corner and gently fold it to the other corner making a pointy cone.


Thread the pieces on largest to smallest alternating the points like a tree. Keep stacking largest to smaller to the top leaving about an inch for the rosette.


Make the sheet music rosette by fanning the paper.  After the paper is folded cut four pieces into 1.5″ lengths and glue the pieces so there is a long strip.  Hot glue the strip into a circle.  Crimp the circle so it turns into a rosette and quickly apply some hot glue and cover the glue with a 1 inch circle of sheet music.


Hot glue the rosette to the Christmas Tree with a strip of sheet music.

The trees can be made with scrapbooking paper also for a whimsical table top tree. The sheet music trees make wonderful gifts and take about one hour to assemble after all the pieces of sheet music are cut and punched with a hole.


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