Faux Spode “Woodland” Waterslide Transfer Plate

plate feature

Okay I admit it, I am in a waterslide transfer rut!  It is just fascinating to me how easy the transfers are to make…plus I want to use up my stack of waterslide transfer paper before it gets lost in the bottomless pit of my paper stacks.

This plate wasn’t planned.  I found a photo of a Spode Woodland Plate with the image of a dog on it.

plate transfer start

I thought it would be great fun to make a set of my daughter’s Cavalier King Charles dogs with the Spode border on some plain white plates I found at Goodwill.



I usually make printouts of ideas  and this looked great to me, but when I actually  applied the transfer of Bella….it just didn’t work. The photo looked too modern while the border looks wonderfully classic. So on to plan B!

Waterslide Transfers are really easy and fun too.

plate feature

I have finally used all the waterslide decal transfer sheets!  I made some plates for gift giving using some of the art projects I made earlier this year.


cat plate transfer feature

This can sit on an easel or hang on the wall with a plate holder.   It is fun to get more mileage from the original piece of art below.


be ecelectic


fruit plate transfer decal feature

This is an image of a mixed media collage I made last year.  The shadows make it look like it is 3D but it the waterslide transfer is adhered to the plate.


Click and Print:


plate transfer set


Feel free to print these out you can try waterslide transfer or print them to fit in a frame.

plate feature

I like my little faux Spode plate and it will be going in the mail as a Christmas surprise soon.  AND finally I have used all the waterslide transfer sheets!

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