National Wear Your Pearls Day!

10 x 10 Mixed Media “Good Words”

I admit I chose to celebrate National Wear Your Pearls Day because I wanted to make a new piece of mixed media art to use up some of my pearls.  I still have 1/2 of a shoe box of them!

I was curious why December 15th was designated National Wear Your Pearls Day and I figured it was a jewelry association but I was wrong.  The day was nominated for commemoration by  DeAnna Bookert.


“DeAnna Bookert was granted a proclamation from the National Day Calendar for her own national day called “National Wear Your Pearls Day”. This day is designate as a day of encouragement and inspiration. After privately battling anxiety and depression for almost 2 years DeAnna now encourages women to get help and not struggle with depression in secret. Subsequently with the death of her husband in 2015 DeAnna’s battle continued but she decided she would not give up and she will continue to grow and flourish in her faith, love and passion for helping others. DeAnna strongly believes that her purpose is to help increase the quality of life and standard of living for all individuals and families.”

Isn’t that a wonderful purpose?  Pearls are the result of a grain of sand…something that is uncomfortable….like the trials of life.  Those trials turn into pearls if we overcome and are not defeated.  Each victory is a pearl and a lifetime of victories is a beautiful pearl strand necklace.  WOW!

10 x 10 Mixed Media “Good Words”

I made my 10 x 10 mixed media with a portrait by Sebastiano Mainardi I found in a coffee table book.  I punched two holes to add a plastic pearl string necklace and made a little pearl and glitter glue crown.  I love the saying which is a Chinese proverb:  “Good words are like a string of pearls”.


  1. Dec 15th is also International Tea Day. I love pearls and tea so I can think of nothing nicer than celebrating them both on the same day. What a courageous woman Deanna is. Your mixed media, Good Words, is lovely.

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