Upcycled Lapel Pin Mixed Media Collage

ourselves freature
9 x 12 Mixed Media Collage

Oh, I have had so much fun deciding how to use the container of mismatched jewelry I got last week at Goodwill.

Goodwill Goodies
Jewelry Stash!


I started with the lapel pin gal in the orange hat because that is what attracted me to the container, and I knew she would make a compelling focal point for a collage.


Her chin was a bit too pointy for my tastes, so I took the wire cutters and gave her a rounded chin!

“Let’s Just be Ourselves” component parts.

After I removed her pearl earrings, I removed all the gold chains from the red earring and hung them on a wire attached to the back of the hat to simulate hair and attached the darling star earring (it didn’t have a mate) for a asymetrical look that is on trend!

ourselves feature 1
9 x 12 Mixed Meda Upcycle

A washi tape band on the crown of the hat with a ribbon rose a finished her look.  I took  permanent marker and accented her eyes and eyelashes and put a dash of red on her lips.  That was fun and easy to do.

My Goodwill stash included four canvas boards so I painted one a pretty peach with acrylic craft paint and decorated it with paint pens.  I have a container full of magazine fonts that spell out the saying.  A wire hanger made with 20 gauge annealed wire was attached to the back.  DONE!

I love the saying “Let’s Just Be Ourselves”.  I think that is easier said than done in these times when for some reason folks feel like they can weigh in and give their opinion to anyone… even complete strangers.  You have to be pretty brave to “be yourself.”

I try to be who I am right away when I meet a new acquaintance.  If someone has good news, I’m likely to say “Praise the Lord.” ( it’s not a catch phrase to me, I mean it)  If they  seem bewildered or rattled by that phrase,  both of us know we are not on the same page.  I can always accept them, and my friends who aren’t Christians have accepted me being a quirky Christian woman.  It feels good to be free to be ME!

Coming attractions:

My next collage features Audrey Hepburn and the metal hat pin!

Jewelry Stash!








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