Decoupaged Napkin Necklace Upcycle

Decoupaged Napkin Upcycled Necklace.

It has been fun to dig through my Goodwill Stash and dream up totally new creations!  The container cost about $18.00 and I think I will definitely get my moneys worth of fabulous craft supplies.  I used the navy blue two strand necklace for this repurposed inspiration:

I have been waiting for about 6 months to use these little packages of tissues I picked up a Beaverton Pier One Imports!


This necklace is going to keep on giving….LOL because I only needed three sections of it to make by new decoupaged necklace.  I finally decided to use the navy blue floral tissues because the print was smaller.


I started my upcycle by making the new chain with hot pink pearls that have blue striping on them.  It was as though the beads were made to match the tissue.  After the chain sections were made, I covered the necklace sections with white paint so the print would look bright.

Next, cut the tissue to fit each section.  I used my fingernail to run along the edge to make an impression on the tissue.

Last, decoupage the tissue pieces to the sections.  I used Diamond Glaze because it is clear and I could see where I needed to tuck the tissue so it wasn’t on the gold edge, but Mod Podge does the trick too!

HINT:  Don’t worry if the piece you cut is exact because the tissue is very forgiving and will smoosh (my technical term) with your fingernail if it is covering the edge.


Decoupaged Napkin Upcycled Necklace.

I hope this will inspire folks to find a way to repurpose their old costume jewelry and give it a totally new look.  :  )


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