Happy Repurposing!

Leftovers Are Repurposed Lapel Pins

Ta Dah!  I am satisfied I got my moneys worth with the Goodwill stash I got earlier this month.


The little ceramic octopus needed a new home and I loved the “spike-y” jewelry findings…they looked like arms and legs to me.  I wanted a product called inkjet shrink film which the postal carrier delivered today.

shrink film dick blick

EEK!  It is so fun to play with!  I sort of went crazy and used up all the film sheets in one day!  (I will have a good tutorial on inkjet shrink film soon…. but it is easy peasy to work with.)


Print out your photo and let the ink dry.  I got a free clip art image of the girl and doctored it with my photo software.  I found a quilling tutorial and cropped a section of the project to simulate waves for my octopus.


Cut out and punch a hole where you need to have one.  I used a regular punch because the hole REALLY SHRINKS.  Each piece shrinks at least 50%.


Leftovers Are Repurposed Lapel Pins

I used E6000 to attach the octopus to the faux quilled sea.  Jump rings were all I needed to give her arms and legs.  So the last of my leftovers from the Goodwill container are two lapel pins.

I am a setting aside the mother of pearl bracelet and owl pin, onesie earrings and bead leftovers but I am very satisfied with the wonderful inspiration one container of Goodwill jewelry gave me!  And now I am working on shrink film ideas….that are so whimsical and fun.

I am crazy about Shrink Film….LOL




  1. Never knew printable shrinkie dinks existed. My kids loved colouring these and shrinking them as kids. I see they have made a come as I have seen them all over micheals stores.


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