Sand Dollar Ballerina

sand dollar ballerina

I have wanted to make sand dollar pictures for a long time, but Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside, Oregon already had an artist who uses sand dollars.  I got good news last week that the artist has new opportunities and so she is leaving Seaside and moving on to bigger things.  LUCKY ME I get to make stuff with sand dollars!

This mixed media piece combines (my newest favorite product) inkjet shrink film, a thrift store necklace, and the lacy insides of about 8 sand dollars.


I found the image of a ballerina and printed it 8″ tall on the inkjet shrink film so it would shrink to 4 inches.

I traced a circle with a bowl and decorated the edges of the “skirt” with the insides of the sand dollar attaching it to the canvas with hot glue.

sand dollar ballerina
6 x 6 Mixed media “Sand Dollar Ballerina”

I used hot glue to attach the necklace to the skirt.  Next I needed to “fill in” the fabric of the skirt.  First I made straight hot glue lines from her “waist” to make a pattern.  Working quickly as I made a line or two with the hot glue, I applied some white sand (from the craft store) to the hot glue.


closeup of ballerina

Next I made “squiggles” all over the skirt with hot glue and quickly covered each squiggle with white sand.  Then I place extra pearls from the necklace into the blank spaces of canvas.

sand dollar ballerina
6 x 6 Mixed media “Sand Dollar Ballerina”

All that was left to do was use hot glue to attach my shrink film ballerina to her skirt.

I was so happy how my ballerina turned out I printed out another shrink film ballerina top  and want to make a tissue paper skirt stained with tea.




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