Crazy Placemat Idea

I have to wait until January 9th to get a stack of fabulous placemats I found on Pier One Imports website. It seems fabric wall hangings are popular these days and I figured it would make an easy craft for folks like me who don’t do fancy macrame or work with fibre. I am so excited about what UPS will be setting at my door I just can’t help giving you a look at what is to come!

This darling flamingo placemat was on clearance. I plan to use driftwood, wood beads and glass beads to decorate it for a focal point wall hanging!

I am hoping this will turn into a really beachy wall hanging with shells and some cool fiber trims I found on Etsy.

I plan to hang this from driftwood and decorate with wood buttons and thick yarn.

I see starfish, driftwood pieces and shells for another beachy keen wall hanging.

I am so looking forward to making a retro looking wall hanging with this placemat.

I plan to experiment with beads and hang this placemat from a pretty piece of driftwood.

It is going to be so fun to play with these placemats…..I wish January 9th would get here!


  1. What a fantastic idea. I have a pant hanger that hangs on an old kitchen cupboard door. I have been hanging printed prints on it. I thought about crocheting or sewing or using felt for a hanging as well but now will have my eyes peeled while out thrifting for some placemats. I used 4 bright green corduroy like placemats a few years ago to make easter treat bags to use every year.

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