Life is a Reflection of your Thoughts: Think Well

Mona Lisa Card Feature

You know me, I collect phrases.  When I saw this phrase “Life is a collection of your thoughts: Think Well” I thought it was a real keeper!

Of course we can have positive OR negative thoughts. It’s hard to constantly have negative thoughts if you have a smile on your face like my little Mona Lisa greeting card. LOL.

Sometimes we have to entertain negative thoughts, but a lifetime of them produces a sour person.  I have met more than my share of sour faced people in my life.

Joseph in the old testament is an example of “thinking well”.  How do I know?  Because he was liked and put in positions of responsibility even when he was wrongfully put in prison.

Joseph didn’t let negative experiences turn his thoughts negative.  His life was a reflection of his good thoughts.

My theory is put on a happy face because if you are a believer in God, then you can be assured God is in control!

So just keep smiling!

I designed this little greeting card that you can click and print on your computer on cardstock.

Click and Print:


Just Keep Smiling greeting card


    • The biggest thing about Joseph was he seemed to accept his lot in life and things definitely didn’t go the way you would expect success considering his dream. He just was faithful…such a good example.


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