The View Back

Upcycled Vent Cover “Fantasy Tree”

I looked back through my blog this week to remind myself where I’ve been to inspire new thoughts of where I am going.  I was surprised to discover that the blog post about upcycling the vent cover was my most viewed blog post.

Since I posted this in May 2018, I thought it would be fun to go back to the adventure of finding the materials and how it came together.


It was really fun to make this wall hanging “Fantasy Tree” with what I think was some kind of vent cover. The vent cover was in the FREE BOX at a garage sale this weekend and next to it was a big bag of pearls for 50 cents. I had a TON of pearls in the studio that need to be used up so…..the Fantasy Tree was born.

The idea for a wire tree popped into my head because I figured the screen would make it easy to attach pearls to. I had no idea if it would work, but the joy is in the journey. I spray painted the screen with chalkboard black paint and had fun satisfying my curiosity.



I cut 22 pieces of black 20 gauge annealed wire 30″ long and coiled a trunk leaving wires at the bottom and top. Next, it was time to thread graduating pearls on each wire wrapping the end to the lip of the vent cover and then fill in the spaces by hot gluing loose pearls. Working from the back I used wire clippers to snip away the unneeded screen sections.


I got the “Fantasy Tree” finished just in time for June ArtWalk at Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside, Oregon and had fun showing folks pictures of the process as they stopped to look at it on the wall.  A few days later a gal came in and exclaimed “She had to have that” and my Fantasy Tree had a new home!

I make my happily make my blog posts hoping folks will find what I make interesting and maybe entertaining.  This “Fantasy Tree” obviously hit the jackpot and will be the baseline for all my posts in this new year 2019!




    • Hi Nora, I really feel honored that you nominated me !! However my plate is too full to fulfill the obligation because of my commitments to galleries and my Etsy shops. I’m sorry to disappoint you and I hope you understand 😊


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