Washi Tape Lighthouse with Free Printables

washi lighthouse feature
Washi Tape Lighthouse 5 x 7

So far this new year I have had the opportunity to practice what I preach!  I spent January 1st in ICU with my hubby who spent the last six days with doctors dreaming up tests and xrays to unravel the puzzle of what was wrong with him.  We never did completely solve the mystery, but he is home now and in the process of recuperating.

I blissfully say things like “Just Keep Smiling” and thanks to the comfort of the Lord, I found the grace to do it!  I followed in my car after the ambulance left for the hospital and quieted my heart.  After my thoughts were silenced and I heard that still small voice of Jesus say, “I am in control of this.”  I KNEW He was, but I needed to hear it. So with that settled I could move on with peace.  (If I lack peace I sit still until I get it!)

This washi tape lighthouse idea came to me sitting in ICU!

The little 5 x 7 came together really fast using six different rolls of washi tape.  I have several old yacht maps, so the background is very simple.  I have supplied two different yacht map backgrounds you can click and print.

Step One: Print out the background

Step Two:  Print out the lighthouse, cut out each piece and cover with washi tape.  HINT:  I only cut and cover one piece at a time, so I don’t have to sort the pieces if they move.

Step Three:  Assemble the lighthouse with hot glue or glue stick.

Step Four: Use scrapbook paper for the background hill and water.

Step Five: Print the words and attach them to the picture.


Click and Print:


yacht map backgrounds pdf pic

Click and Print:


washi tape lighthouse template pdf pic


Click and Print:


washi lighthouse font pdf pic



  1. Oh Patty, I am so touched by this – I especially love the fact that it came to you in the ICU when you were experiencing such peace. And the words are really amazing. It’s what I feel I do as a forgiveness coach. THANK YOU for sharing this.

    I’m so glad that your husband is home and on the mend. May peace and healing embrace you both.

    I’d like to share this post for #ForgivingFridays next month (I just made it a monthly creative prompt instead of weekly). Would that be ok with you? It’s a wonderful line up of posts that inspire or demonstrate forgiveness.

    Let me know, Patty. Blessings! You are so smart in stopping to listen when you get out of your peace. ❤

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