Happy National Static Electricity Day!


russ coil
5 x 7 Mixed Media Assemblage “Small Spark Gap Tesla Coil”

Happy National Static Electricty Day!  I recently discovered my bro loves anything Nikola Tesla, so I made this little 5 x 7 assemblage with his “static electricity name” simulated in copper wire.  His birthday was yesterday, January 8th which was perfect timing for this mixed media to be the featured art for National Static Electricity Day.

I think my first experience with static electricity was at a birthday party where someone rubbed a balloon to their head. When the balloon was pulled away, the hair clung to the balloon. So when they removed the balloon, and the hair stood on end. Of course I have also experienced those static electricty shocks that happen out of the blue sometimes!

I looked up the National Calendar to see the advice they give for static electricity:

How to Avoid the Shock of Static Electricity:

“The drier air of winter months is a better insulator than the more humid air of summer. To help prevent static electricity, use a humidifier to put moister back into the air in your home during the winter months.

Our skin is drier in the winter months, too. Putting on moisturizer before getting dressed is recommended.

Synthetic fabrics are better insulators than natural fibers. Wearing materials made from natural fibers such as cotton will help reduce the amount of static electricity that’s stirred up.

While walking around the house, at work or shopping, holding a key or a metal pen in your hand will help discharge the build-up of static electricity painlessly.
Switching to leather soled shoes versus rubber-soled shoes will help reduce the amount of static that is built up.”


russ coil
5 x 7 Mixed Media Assemblage “Small Spark Gap Tesla Coil”

Nikola Tesla was a ground breaker in electricity and I have grown in respect for him because of his research and experiments which were truly amazing.  I was so surprised at the serendipty that the piece of art I was making for my bro’s birthday would also be apt for the National Calendar…what are the odds of THAT?  It’s shocking.  Teehee






Small Spark Gap Tesla Coil






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