A Millon Sand Dollars?

sand dollar feature
10 x 10 Mixed Media “A Million Dollars”

It’s pretty nice to call the little 1.5 mile beach here in Seaside, Oregon our home!  The air is always fresh here at the North Coast of Oregon and we enjoy being in American history books as the place Lewis and Clark set up a salt works to make salt for their return trip back to the east coast.  I gather sand dollars from the beach to make stuff for Sunrose Gallery and this 10 x 10 mixed media just came together in serendipity.  I love living in Seaside…it does make me feel like a million dollars!


sand dollar sand

I used tan, white and turquoise acrylic paint and smoothed it with my fingers for a pretty soft background.  While the paint was wet, I tried applying white sand (from the craft store) and after the paint was dry I applied lines of Mod Podge to make thicker layers of sand for dimension.


sand dollar banner


I just got my new packages of inkjet shrink film so I printed out a banner with the words “The beach makes me feel like a million dollars.”.  The banner started out 10″ tall and shrunk to 5″.  After playing around with the banner, I thought it would be whimsical to have two starfish holding it at the top.

Here in Seaside the town gets a nice influx of tourists most weekends because we have a Convention Center that does a good job of booking conventions and seminars. Our best weekends (before the summer season starts)  are when PBL starts.  Pacific Basketball League.  Boy oh boy who ever dreamed up PBL should have a bunch of gold stars.  LOL.

Approximately 40 basketball teams from western Oregon descend on our town for weekend tournaments on Saturday and Sunday.  The restaurants and hotels are full and Sunrose Gallery usually has good sales from Mom’s who take a basketball break.

It’s so fun to live in a town where folks come to have fun, find relaxation and have a break from their daily life and leave feeling great!


sand dollar feature
10 x 10 Mixed Media “A Million Dollars”



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