Cute Doggy 3 Section Shrink Film Key Fob

bella feature

Want to have some fun and make a practical key fob at the same time?  I took a photo of my daughter’s Cav Spaniel and turned it into a 3D key fob with inkjet shrink film.

I took a photos I had in my gallery of Bella and made three sections with my photo software: her face, her chest and her behind.


bella dog fob parts photo for pdf

If you don’t have good photo software or don’t know how to use it to crop, you can print out the same photo of your dog three times on one sheet of inkjet shrink film and use one photo for each section because you cut out the image before you shrink it. (I sized my images to 3 inches for each section so they would shrink to approx 1.5″.

shrink film dick blick


I used White Inkjet Shrink Film because it shrinks with a crisp picture and when it shrinks, it doesn’t lay flat, so it has some “personality”.


bella pieces

These are the full size 3″ pieces, notice how the tops of them are rounded and a regular full sized hole was punched in the tops of each piece.  I used the hole I punched in Bella’s head to use as a guide to punch the holes in the two layers.

To shrink, put the pieces on a parchment paper (or vellum) lined cookie sheet in a 300-350 degree oven for approximately two minutes.  I had a metal spatula handy to flatten the pieces after they shrank.  In my experience, white inkjet shrink film needs to be flattened quickly after baking and the clear flattens better on it’s own.

I am including a printable pdf. for anyone who has a King Charlies Cavalier who looks like Bella to print out and make their own key fob.

Click and Print:


bella dog fob parts photo for pdf


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