Repurposed Placemat Wall Hanging

flamingo placemat feature
Pier One Imports Placemat Repurposed Wall Hanging

I ordered a stack of placemats from Pier One Imports  after I had the brainstorm to try repurposing them into wall hangings.  It took a while for them to FINALLY arrive but I sure had a fun day upcycling this darling flamingo placmat into a whimsical beaded wall hanging.

flam tag

I don’t know if I would have paid full price for this placemat, it was a little spendy! However $14.00 was the perfect price.


flam beads

I went to JoAnn’s Fabrics and got all my beads BOGO, so that was a savings too.


flam string

Step ONE: I used 20 gauge wire to string all the beads leaving a loop at the ends to attach with hot glue.

flam back bottom

STEP TWO:  Make more bead strings and attach them with hot glue.

After I attached the first string, I decided where the next string would look best.

flam tassel

STEP THREE: Make a bead tassel with bright colored beads and attach it with hot glue.

flam tassel back

Attach the tassel so it hangs in front of the other bead strands.

flam back

STEP 4: Use a piece of wood dowel or driftwood for the placemat to hang and attach a wire decorated with beads with hot glue at the top corners of the placemat.

flamingo placemat feature
Pier One Imports Placemat Repurposed Wall Hanging

STEP 5:  Decorate some of the bead strands with beads and tassels for a whimsical and happy wall hanging!


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