Repurposed Placemat Wall Hanging #2

yarn grouping

Wouldn’t this look cozy in your house?  This is #2 in my placemat repurpose series.

yarn wall hanging feature

I have been having so much fun seeing if my placemats could be repurposed into wall hangings and I love how this weaved yarn wall hanging turned out!


yarn wall hanging start

I purchased the buttons on Etsy, the yarn at JoAnn Fabrics, and the placemat at Pier One Imports.  (After I use up all the placemats, I plan to get future placemats at garage sales or Goodwill.)


yarn wall hanging buttons

Step One: Make a heart shaped template and lay out the buttons along the edges.  After you have them spaced evenly put a DAB OF HOT GLUE DIRECTLY IN THE CENTER.  (All caps because it is very important to have the hot glue ONLY in the center of the button or the yarn won’t have space to wrap around.)


yarn wall hanign weave

Weave the yarn by wrapping it around the buttons, don’t pull tightly, let the tension be the lightest possible.  Keep wrapping around the buttons until you like the pattern.

yarn wall hanging back

I used a .25″ dowel for a hanger and hot glued the fringe to the back.

yarn wall hanging feature

Next I made two yarn tassels and tied some of the yarn for a hanger.  I have a bunch of Tim Holtz chipboard words which worked to add a little pizzazz!  This is so fun!


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