Repurposed Leather Purse Ring

leather ring feature for blog post

Every January I get a kick out of ridding myself of stuff that I finally admit I don’t need anymore.  So out with this purse:

leather ring supplies


I feel I got my money’s worth since I got it on the clearance rack in the first place and used it for several summers.  I Googled “craft projects for scrap leather” and found the coolest idea for a ring at  The pattern was free and I printed it out.  If you click on “” you can access the pattern and make your own.


leather ring start


I had the choice of my craft scissors and sewing scissors.  The sewing scissors were better for cutting the pattern out and also cutting the two slits for the arrow to do through.  To cut the slits, fold the heart in half and snip with the tip of the scissors.

leather ring after cut out

The heart is very cute, but I might make a St. Patrick’s Day version because the leather would look so cute as a shamrock.

leather ring closeup for hand

The leather ring takes about 15 minutes to make, and when I finished it I looked around for something I could use for a display to photograph it.  That’s when I got the brainstorm to make a ring stand.  LOL!

Tomorrow I will take you step by step how to make this ring stand with sheet metal.

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