Sheet Metal Ring Stand

ring holder 2

Yesterday I made a leather ring and needed a display for my featured photo.  The idea popped in my head to try to make one from sheet metal using my hand as a pattern.

ring holder sheet metal

I traced my hand with a felt pen on paper, cut it out and used a little glue stick to hold it to a piece of sheet metal.  The metal has a curl to it that annoyed me, but in the end the curling worked to add some personality to the stand.

ring holder cut

After the sheet metal was cut, I peeled off the paper and cleaned the sheet metal with vinegar to get all the oil off.  Then I covered the hand with some acrylic paint.  After it was dry I used actual nail polish for the nails and attached rhinestone and broken jewelry pieces for a bracelet.

ring holder back

To make it stand I folded a piece of 300lb. water color paper and attached it with hot glue.

ring holder 2

Now I have a cute display stand for my new jewelry!


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