Repurposed Placemat Clock #1

clock group

This upcycled placemat clock can go anywhere in the house :  )

leaf clock

Recently I ordered a stack of placemats from Pier One Imports because I wondered if they could be turned into wall hangings.  I also pictured some of the placemats being turned into wall clocks so I ordered a bunch of them also:


calathea leaves.jpg




white beaded burlap scroll

I am so excited to make cool clocks from these placemats!!!!  I have to get an order into Klockit for some mini quartz works.

leaf clock trial

I suspected the calathea leaf placemat was a little too big for a clock so before I made the decision to lose some of the leaves I slipped pieces of paper under the leaves to see how the clock face would look with a smaller version of the placemat.  Smaller won!


I went on ebay to look for some kind of cookie tin lid for the clock face.  I found the image of this cookie tin lid which was perfect for a flowery center. I printed it and covered it with Diamond Glaze for a shiny surface.

leaf clock 2

Next I added a cardboard back to the clock face.

leaf clock5

I removed the outer layer of the calathea leaves and attached it to a cardboard back making sure the cardboard didn’t show.

leaf clock 3

When I attached the clock face I used hot glue to attach it and used a dab of hot glue underneath every projection along the rim.

leaf clock

All that is left is to punch a hole in the center of the clock face and add a mini quartz clock movement!  This clock is truly OOAK!  It is going to be fun to turn all the other placemats into unusual and whimsical clocks.


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