Another Way to Say LOVE

sign language love picture

There are many ways to say “love”…. and this American Sign Language mixed media piece says it in four colors!


evelyn start


I purchased a digital download of sign language images from an Etsy shop and played with them in my photo software to transform them into colors.  It is very tedious work cleaning the images but it is worth the time.


red sign language 600pxl

I am trying to use up some of my rolls of washi tape and this 10 x 10 canvas used up 40 more inches….YAY!  It was simple to make a washi tape border on each side.


sign language love picture

The picture flew together after all the images were transformed in my photo software.  I sized them to 3.5″ and printed them on cardstock and attached them to the canvas.  EASY!

I am providing  the word “love” in red as a free printable simply click and print to make your own LOVE picture in American Sign Language.

Click and Print:

red letter l

red letter o

red letter v

red letter e

This is an easy craft that would be really fun to do with the kids who most likely have had a few lessons in sign language at school or church.  The word LOVE is an easy word to learn in sign language and maybe we will get a chance to use it this Valentine’s Day.


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