Repurposed Placemat Clock #2


best day ever clock group

This clock was so fun to make using a Pier One Imports placemat!




The Boho colors are so bright and inviting they said “Best Day Ever” when I looked at the placemat.  This clock is so whimsical and fun and could fit into almost every room of the house.


best back

Step One:  Use card board or foam board to line the back for strength and stability.


best day ever clock closeup

Step Two:  Print out letters and mount them on the clock with hot glue. (I cut out the letters and mounted them on scrapbook paper.)

Step Three:  Add buttons for “12”, “3”, “6” and “9” o’clock.

Step Four:  Make bead strands to decorate the bottom.  Use hot glue to attach them on the back.

Step Five: Punch a hole in the center and insert the clock works.

Click and Print:

best day ever for pdf









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