Repurposed Placemat Clock #3

nest clock group

I usually find my repurposing inspiration at garage sales but here at the North Coast of Oregon garage sale season starts full swing in March.  I usually don’t pay full price for my supplies but I went crazy when I checked out Pier One Imports placemats, (they actually have over 100 placemats to choose from.)  The plan was to see if I could convert the placemats to wall hangings but when my eyes laid on some of the round placemats I could see them as clocks.


I loved this rustic round placemat and could hardly wait to see if I could transform it into a whimsical woody clock fit for a cabin hid in the forest.

nest clock moss rocks before

I gathered beach pebbles and attached them to the rim with hot glue.  I liked the look but they seemed a little plain.

nest clock moss rocks after

I dressed every pebble with some moss and lichen and debated putting numbers on the rocks, but left them plain.

nest clock face closeup

I printed a flower wreath on clear shrink film for the clock face when it shrunk in the oven, it was the perfect size.

nest clock hands

I printed two twigs on cardstock and covered the clock hands with the cardstock twigs that were carefully glued so the metal hands would still attach to the clock works.  When you add paper to the actual clock hands you can’t add too much weight or the hands won’t work properly plus you must make certain they won’t get torqued so they get caught up on each other or the placemat.

nest clock group

It was really fun to make a OOAK woodsy clock and it started out as a placemat!


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