Washi Tape Valentine Puzzles


It’s National Puzzle Day so I am making puzzle shaped hearts to use up….washi tape! It’s a washi tape extravaganza! Folks, I have so much washi tape it would take 10 years to use it all at the pace I am going so I dreamed up some ideas to empty some rolls. Alas, I didn’t EMPTY any rolls, but these projects at least made a some progress on my quest!

These valentine puzzle images were what inspired my idea. If you Goggle “free heart shaped puzzle templates” you will find a huge selection and you can download and print the designs that inspire you.

Step One: print two copies of the templates on cardstock, cut out the pieces of one copy and use the other copy to assemble the washi tape covered pieces later.

Step Two: cover each piece of the puzzles with washi tape.

Step Three: after all the pieces are covered with washi tape assemble with glue stick on the other piece of matching cardstock.

washi puzzle 3

For this piece, I covered the cardboard background with strips of washi tape and placed one of the puzzle piece hearts in the center along with an inspirational saying: “Courage, dear heart.”


washi puzzle feature

The dark frame mat really makes the washi tape POP!


washi puzzle 2

40 inches of the heart shaped washi tape and I STILL haven’t emptied the roll. LOL


washi puzzle feature 1

These washi tape puzzle hearts are very inspiring! You can use them to decorate greeting cards, make a bunch to string into a garland, use them as gift tags…the list goes on and on.

Hope you enjoy this idea….from my heart to yours!


  1. Oh my goodness! This is the cutest Valentine’s craft idea I’ve seen yet! And perfect for national puzzle day. Love, love, love! I’m going to do this one for sure.


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