Repurposed Placemat Wall Hanging #4

cascade group


This repurposed  placemat wall hanging has a little more drama than the others.  I found the gold tone necklace at Rag N’ Bone Thrift Store here in Seaside, Oregon.  I already had the gold ring I got at a garage sale last year.  So I just played with this and that until I liked what I saw.  It was fun to make a wall hanging that never can be duplicated but is an example how you can completely transform a Pier One Imports placemat.


cascade start

After the ring was attached by running wire through the top of the ring and twisted in the back of the placemat, I ran the necklace down the placemat in a cascade.  I twisted a gold wire around each strand of the necklace to attach it to the ring.   It looked a little plain so I made some bead strands with 5 red beads and 7 faux copper beads and placed them on either side of the cascading necklace.

It has been really satisfying to use the placemats as an unexpected canvas and the fringe edges works perfectly to hot glue in the back to make loops to hang.  I had some old copper pipe that was the pefect size to loop on and used some copper colored necklaces that ran through the pipe to make a hanger.


cascade group

I’ve almost used all the placemats for wall hangings, it sure has been fun!




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