I Read Past My Bedtime Free Printable Bookmark


It is amazing how we can get lost in a book.  One sunny day I was curled up on the couch engrossed  in an adventure book that was set deep in the woods in the dead of winter.  My reading was interupted by a phone call (back when there was an actual phone on the dining room wall) and I remember being shocked at the sunshine and the fact there wasn’t snow on the ground.  I admit I’ve read past bedtime many times because I want to read “just one more page.”

You can never have too many bookmarks and this one was really fun to make.  I got my inspiration from a tattoo I saw.  I used felt pens to color the flowers on the moon sliver.  I love whimsy and figured she would have to find some way to read her book, so it dangles from the top!

I added the leaf garlands to make it easy to determine the cutting lines after printing it out.

 “CLICK AND PRINT” to make this bookmark.

bookmark photo for pdf

To assemble:

Step One:  Print out on cardstock.

Step Two: Cut out each image.  HINT: I didn’t round the top edge until I had the pieces attached to each other with the cord.

Step Three:  With both pieces stacked together, use a tiny punch (or needle) make holes all around the outside edge and bottom.

Step Four:  Using an embroidery needle, attach the pieces with cord (I used metallic gold 2 strand cord) .  Make sure you make a good knot at the beginning and the end.  I used a square knot which holds the knot very securely.  A square knot is “right over left and left over right.”

Step Five:  If you wish, use scissors to round the edge of the bookmark using the round of the moon as your guide.



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