First Garage Sale of the Year!



Well, it wasn’t actually a garage sale…because the Grange isn’t a garage!  But I was excited to check out the goodies at the first sale of the year here at the North Coast of Oregon.

I spent $7.00 and this is all my loot:

grange 3

My little pile of goodies!

tin start

I was most excited to find the little tin container to make a necklace and earrings.

grange 4

This book is a treasure trove of info about making scented crafts for some fresh and new inspiration.

grange 5

I plan to make a new teapot windchime for Sunrose Gallery with these two ceramic pieces.

grange 6

I purchase packages like this every year at the craft store…pretty good price at .50 cents!

grange 7

I hope I can use these in a future wall hanging…all that work for .50 cents!

It is going to be fun to repurpose my goodies!  I am going in the studio, getting out my wire cutters and playing with the little tin container.  I think it will make a cute necklace and matching earrings. Wish me luck!


  1. I can not wait until garage sale season here! I did some thrifting yesterday and got two nice frames for $2 each n i little vase i needed for $3 other then that nothing caught my eye.


  2. How fun. I am planning on hitting a huge rummage sale here in our city coming up. I am looking forward to see what you creative out of these treasures you found. I know they will be very pretty, love your designs.


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