Repurposed Tin Necklace Set

set for feature

Remember that cute little tin container I got at the garage sale this weekend?  Well it turned into the cutest necklace/earring set that was easy and fun to do.


tin start

This is the tin container that I got for $1.00!


tin necklace scissors

If you have never tried cutting a tin container, you will be pleasantly surprised how easy wire cutters work cutting the material.  HINT:  a hazard in cutting the tin is sharp edges so be aware where the edges are when you are cutting.

set for feature

I cut the pieces using the gold edges as the outline where to cut.

Here are the steps to follow to make your own tin pendant/earrings from a tin container.

Step One: decide what pattern you want the pendant and earrings to be.

Step Two: use wire cutters to cut the tin…they work just like scissors.

Step Three:  Use a metal file to smooth all the edges.  HINT:  I run my fingers over all the edges until the file has made them smooth.

Step Four:  Use a tiny punch to make holes in the pendant (three holes) and earrings (two holes)  HINT:  I punched the extra hole in the pendant to secure a bead in the center because a necklace suspended from the center of a necklace wants to turn inside out and if something is hanging down, it will stay put!

Step Five:  Attach earring findings to the earrings and make a whimsical necklace chain…I don’t like match-matchy in case you don’t know.  LOL

I like my BEFORE and AFTER repurposing project from the first garage sale of this year!


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